COMPTEK GmbH - Tailor-made special compounds


More than 20 Years Comptek GmbH - Competence in high performance synthetics since 1992.


COMPTEK develops and delivers fluoropolymer and high-temperature based Precolours, Colour-Batches and Special Compounds compliant to end user specific requirements.


Thermoplastic processable PVDF, THV, ETFE, FEP, MFA and PFA fluoropolymers are used as vehicle. Second main product range HT-Polymers also featured: PSU, PES, PEI, PPS, PPSU, PEEK and LCP. Depending on the specific product requirements polymers are selected and then specifically modified. By adding and compounding different additives and fillers into the polymers, COMPTEK modifies mechanical, physical and tribological properties.

COMPTEK GmbH - Bietet Kunststoff-Compounds in individuellen Farben. Comptek GmbH - Transluzente, eingefärbe Kunststoffe. Beispiel: Blinkerglas.

HT-Compounds from COMPTEK prove to be a good decision for many applications in chemical, automotive, electronics, medical and dental devices industry. Further usage is in cooking utensils, food industry laboratory equipment such as pumps, connectors and tubing.

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